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Bernard Dumas


> Our values

Bernard Dumas is a team of men and women who share a common vision regardless of their functions and their roles. Since its founding, the group has embraced firm values that have generated benefits for its customers and its employees. They translate into a high level of global reliability and above all into the relationship between Bernard Dumas and its customers have been able to develop.


Regardless of the industrial sector, customers needs constantly change. In order to meet these new demands and even anticipate them, Bernard Dumas has put innovation at the heart of its organisation. Whether raw materials, ergonomics, technologies and services are concerned, the group is constantly introducing new features or adapting its offers to its customers’ specificities. Its Research & Development laboratory creates tomorrow's products, taking into account the changes in its market and observing its sustainable development policy.


From the start, Bernard Dumas has focused on the satisfaction of its stakeholders, i.e. customers, employees and shareholders. It is the common will of people that shapes the future of the group day by day and creates value for customer thanks to a vision of service that is firmly rooted within the group.

Close relationship

Developing specific components requires a good understanding of its customers and their demands and a trustful relationship.

Bernard Dumas analyses needs, adapts products and technologies, and provides appropriate proposals. The group has an efficient exports department to provide all its customers with this close relationship.