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 Designing tomorrow’s products

The Bernard Dumas Research & Development laboratory includes experts in materials chemistry and process engineering.

This team’s mission is to imagine and develop tomorrow’s air filter media and battery separators. The R&D Department works in close cooperation with the teams in charge of production and sales, as well as with customers themselves to design materials according to their new uses. By being constantly aware of and combining the information coming from all of these players, Bernard Dumas innovates and invents:


  • New materials for better performance and quality and to satisfy the new regulatory requirements
  • New manufacturing processes to improve or adapt the production lines according to the specific customers’ needs in terms of quality or deadlines
  • New properties to accompany the changes in customers’ uses and applications
  • New products at the leading edge of innovation

Its constant technical support walks alongside customers from pre-production steps to the finished product assembly stimulating the cooperation spirit.

An example of a contribution to a customer innovation: Start-Stop technology

Today, car manufacturers are facing major environmental challenges and are developing new equipments and technologies aiming at reducing car energy consumption. One of them, Start-Stop technology, installed by several automakers, helps reducing fuel consumption significantly having the engine automatically coming to a holds when the car stops and turning it on again when the driver presses the clutch or accelerator. This technology was born from an alliance between several components including a special battery.

Bernard Dumas supported its customers in their efforts to create this technological innovation. Its Research & Development and Production Departments provided a response to its customers' requirements and specifications. Future prospects and creativity stem from a real partnership between Bernard Dumas and its customers.