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Air filter media and battery separators are specific components that require perfect quality and many associated services. In 1994, Bernard Dumas implemented a Quality Approach within its organization. The group positioned itself as a real partner supporting battery manufacturers and air filtration specialists guaranteeing superior and constant quality.

Choice of raw materials

Bernard Dumas appoints its suppliers ensuring they observe its ethical and environmental principles. It carefully selects a wide range of synthetic and glass fibres, from the coarsest to the finest ones, to guarantee reliable, strong and durable finished products. The company also benefits from a stable spring water supply that contributes to match its strict product specifications.

Control and traceability

Bernard Dumas combines human expertise and advanced technologies to guarantee quality control. With precision equipments such as an optical system to detect flaws that scans 100% of the production, and a laboratory to check finished goods, Bernard Dumas makes sure that each manufactured roll complies with the pre-set standards. Traceability is guaranteed from the raw material to the finished product: each production step can be traced back, making it easier to implement appropriate actions in case a non-conformity would be detected. Traceability also means that the samples taken from production and stored are available for any manufacturing lot.

Services and customisation of products

Air filter media and battery separators are intended for use in capital equipment. For Bernard Dumas, the capacity to adapt products to needs and customise the offered solution is a major challenge. Communication, expertise and synergy between Production, R&D, Quality, Sales Department and customers themselves are the brand’s strong asset bringing added-value services and tailor-made solutions.

Thanks to this constantly optimised Quality Approach, Bernard Dumas obtained got ISO 9001 certified in 1994. The group anticipates and goes beyond its legal obligations to guarantee its customers with the reliability and constant precision that have built its reputation. Today, the group’s quality management system, which is thoroughly proven, is ISO 9001: 2008 certified.