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Sustainable Development is at the heart of Bernard Dumas concerns, which chose to assume its responsibilities when environmental and social issues are at stake. Interacting with its local environment, reducing its ecological footprint, and assuming its role as a responsible employer are priority objectives for the group.

A proven environmental management system

Bernard Dumas has built its environmental policy around two major objectives, which translated into the ISO 14001: 2008 standard and REACH certifications.

  • Reducing its CO2 emissions : Bernard Dumas has implemented effective systems in its facilities and its production lines to reduce energy consumption. Suppliers are chosen according to environmental criteria. The actions taken over the past few years have significantly improved its carbon footprint.
  • Reducing its waste and pollution : The group has developed a policy to reduce waste and pollutants optimising packaging, rigorously sorting waste and banning polluting products. In parallel, air and water treatment systems have helped achieving substantial reductions in pollution.

Integration into the local environment

Although the group’s activity is mostly international, it is still very concerned about its local and regional environment. The group has developed its industrial activities in the respect of its geographic surroundings by carefully-planned site architecture and reducing its sound pollution to a minimum. Its wish to position itself as a real economic and industrial player in the region has enabled the group to establish local relationships with its partners: the Dordogne General Council, the Aquitaine Regional Council, OSEO, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Town Halls and Associations of Local Authorities of the region.

A responsible Human Resources policy

Bernard Dumas’ success first and foremost comes from the united talents around the company’s goals. The group has implemented a Human Resources policy to promote team cohesion, personal development and its employee’s well-being. Their health and safety must be guaranteed with appropriate facilities and awareness campaigns above all. An in-house communication system promotes exchanges between departments and guarantees an information level shared by all. The group has positioned itself as a player in the growth of local employment, guaranteeing continuity of job to its employees through its dynamic sales and financial solidity.